Christian's Daily Challenge

March 31, 2023

Blessing others

“I have received commandment to bless” (Num. 23:20).

“Then David returned to bless his household” (2 Sam. 6:20).

Every man has left behind him influences for good or for evil that will never exhaust themselves. The sphere in which he acts may be small, or it may be great. It may be his fireside, or it may be a kingdom, a village or a great nation. But act he does, ceaselessly and forever. . . .

Whatever sphere you fill, carry into it a holy heart, and you will radiate around you life and power, and leave behind you holy and beneficent influences.—The Royal Path of Life.

He was not always singing;

Yet everywhere he went,

His quiet smile was bringing

A savor of content.

He was not always talking

Of Heaven or of God;

But those who kenned his walking,

Found flowers where he trod.

He was not always shouting

That he alone was right;

Had patience with the doubting,

Until they reached the light.

He was not always praying

Aloud, for men to hear;

His life was just displaying

The fact that God is near.

Today our lips are praising

A good man passing by;

Don’t let it end with gazing:

Be like him-you and I.

Howard T. N. Ussher.