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The Christian's Daily Challenge

by Edwin and Lillian Harvey

Need a dose of quick spiritual refreshment during your lunch break, personal devotions, quiet time, or any other time during the day?

Each day's devotional in the Christian's Daily Challenge is not too long to distract you from careful study of the Bible, but packs a potent portion of truth to leave you thinking and pondering about it for the rest of the day.

The Christian's Daily Challenge is a daily devotional that was written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey in the middle of the twentieth century. Each page was bathed in prayer before it's inclusion in the volume, and they write in their forward:

"A title such as that used for this volume should not be lightly chosen. Nor has it been in this case. For some years, it has seemed to us that one of the greatest present needs of Christianity was a challenge to Christians themselves. We live in the shadow, as it were, of periods of Church History that have produced many men and women of deepest piety who have witnessed widespread and lasting revivals. In our own era we sense an unrest about spiritual things resulting in much organized effort to bring the careless back to the Church. But what will be the result if our religious centers are not true nurseries for the spiritual infants?"

I have been blessed with this book time and time again, and this app is my small token of appreciation for the truths represented within the pages.

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