Christian's Daily Challenge

Salute to the handicapped

Tuesday, 18th of December 2018

“Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities . . . in distresses for Christ’s sake” (2 Cor. 12:10).

The authors of the following selections did their greatest work for God and man without their sight. Your handicap may not be so obvious to others—but whatever it is, allow God to sanctify it to you and the door of blessing and fruitfulness will be opened.

O merciful One!

When men are farthest, then Thou art most near;

When friends pass by, my weaknesses to shun,

Thy chariot I hear.

Thy glorious face

Is leaning toward me, and its holy light

Shines in upon my lonely dwelling-place—

And there is no more night.

On my bended knee

I recognize Thy purpose, clearly shown;

My vision Thou hast dimm’d that I may see

Thyself, Thyself alone.

I have nought to fear;

This darkness is the shadow of Thy wing;

Beneath it I am almost sacred-here

Can come no evil thing.

Give me now my lyre!

I feel the stirrings of a gift divine,

Within my bosom glows unearthly fire

Lit by no skill of mine.

-John Milton.

I once thought the ills of life were messages of vengeance-the thunderbolts of a vindictive God. But when Christ mounted my heart’s throne, the thunderbolts became musical. Death was a chariot to bear me Home. Pain was an operation to heal disease. Bereavement was a lifting of my treasures to a safer bank. Poverty was the test of my love. Clouds were the trial of my faith. Surprise was the proof of my patience. The fires of life were the cleansing of the golden chain.—George Matheson.

“Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer” (Rev. 2:10).